XXL Jet Enhancer Plus 200ml

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West Malaysia, Klang Valley, East Malaysia
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Product introduction

XXL Jet Enhancer is a newly developed nano-technology green product. 
It is designed to deliver a full range of performance enhancing lubrication that keep engines running smoother and longer.  
You will notice an increase in engine power and experience improved fuel economy whilst reducing wear significantly. 
Everyday stop-and-go driving is a major cause of sludge buildup in engines.  
XXL Jet Enhancer keeps engines running like new by providing superior protection against sludge and deposit formation.  
After one oil change, virtually all sludge had been cleaned up. 

Helps to  increase engine life 

Helps to  increase horsepower 

Helps to improve fuel economy 
Helps to improve overall performance 
Helps to protect during cold starts 
Helps to dramatically reduce friction 
Helps to reduce operating temperature 
Helps to reduce wear 
Helps to reduce engine noise and vibration 
Helps to protect metal surfaces from galling should lubrication be lost 
Compatible with most synthetic and mineral-based oils 
100% concentrate additive is cleaner 
Will NOT void manufacturer’s warranty 

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