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Product introduction

Chlorella Foam Cleanser - The product is pearlescent and moisturizing, the combination of the amino acid formula system and the chlorella planting ingredients helps cleanse the skin's dirt and make the skin fresh and not tight, at the same time, moisturize and hydrate, converge pores and make the skin clean and tender.

Chlorella Treatment Essence - The product contains chlorella nourishing and energizing ingredients, combining with a-arbutin skin essence, effectively improve skin roughness, fine lines and other issues, brighten and tighten skin. With the texture of crystal clear, the product which can be absorbed just through, tapping the face, is very light and smooth bride skin.

Chlorella Serum - The product selects Chlorella and a variety of plant skin essence, repairing nourish and revitalize the skin layer by layer, improving the skin dry, rough, dryness, fine lines and other issue, evenly cleaning skin tone, and making the skin firm, elastic, and beautiful.

Chlorella Facial Lift Emulsion - The product with creamy smooth texture, touching skin is tender, and making skin silky smooth. It also contain chlorella extract and euglena gracilis polysaccharide. improving dry lines, replenishing skin's required moisture and nutrients, improving skin's dull state, brightening and moisturizing skin, and making skin hydrated and radiant.

Chlorella Revitalizing Cream - The cream is light green, soft and smooth texture, gently care skin when applying, giving the skin a delicate and moisturizing effect, containing chlorella revitalizing ingredients and multi planting and therapeutic essence deep moisturizing and energizing.

Chlorella CC Air Cushion - The product not only gently and delicate, combining with chlorella extravagant ingredients to nourish the skin, locking the water and moisturized and making the skin feel smooth and moisturized. Covering to make the makeup look more docile, smooth and fair.

Chlorella Facial Treatment Mask - The texture of the mask is fresh and lubricating, combining with the chlorella extravagant ingredients to make the skin be moisturized by all every dripping, it also has a thin mask substrate, seamlessly close to your skin look good. 

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