Ran Lovers Stainless Steel CARRY Sauce Pan 14cm,16cm,18cm

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Zebra Means Quality Not just durable and easy to clean, the Zebra Cookware Set is included with four layers bottom : Compound, Stainless Steel Inside an Aluminium which makes it highly durable and will stay in the same shape for years and years of time. Cook whatever in it; the Zebra Cookware Set is an absolute choice. Its excellent heat transmission properties guarantees optimal heat spread over the entire wok. This saves energy and time as you can use lower heat and it cuts your cooking time. Besides that, it has high resistance to corrosion SST304. In addition, Zebra Cookware Set has a polished or matted finishing ! Features Code Description ⌀/cm Height Price 166371 Sauce Pan Carry 14cm 14cm 12.9cm RM79.90 166372 Sauce Pan Carry 16cm 16cm 14cm RM99.90 166373 Sauce Pan Carry 18cm 18cm 15.6cm RM109.90 Remarks - CARRY 14cm is almost same with CLASSIC 16cm Sauce Pan, - CARRY 16cm is almost same with CLASSIC 18cm Sauce Pan - CARRY 18cm is almost same with CLASSIC 20cm Sauce Pan 

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