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Wok Weight : 1.165 Kg Cover Weight : 0.865 Kg 32cm Eco-Friendly Brand new and high quality cooking frying pan. Non-stick exterior for fast and easy cleaning. Spreads heat evenly and energy efficiently. Ergonomic, stay-cool handles. Spreads heat evenly and energy efficiently. Safe non stick grill pan and it is easy to grill and clean. Perfect gift for your family or friends NOTE ‼ BEFORE USE: Wash gently with detergent before the first use, rinse off, apply oil on the surface of the pot to achieve fuel-saving and protective coating. IN USE: 1) Prevent dry cook/heat the pot for a long time, so as not affect the life span of the pot. 2) Do not store the salted food for a long time in the pot as it will corrode the bottom of the pot. 3) Please use medium or small fire, as frequent high fire will damage the pot. 4) Do not use any sharp instrument to remove any waste food stick in the pot if there is. Just put a proper amount of water into the pot and wipe it gently. 5) Clean th wok after use in order to keep in a dry state espcially after cook for seafood 6) Do not clean the wok with steel wire as this is a non-stick pan. 7)This pot is made of maifan stone coating. Do not use metal spatula, use wooden spaatula or silicone spatula to prevent smashing and anti-collision. 8) It is advisable not to use this pot to cook shellfish and other ingredients. The shell of shellfish is hard and will scratch the wall.

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