Shoes Waterproof Spray Water Stop Repellent

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Product introduction

Product details of 1 x Eykosi 250ml Water Stop / Water Repellent Nano Spray / Waterproof Anti Dirts Stain-proofing Agent
Features :
- Excellent waterproofing, stain proofing, and oil proofing effect
- Suitable for use on almost all sorts of clothes, textiles, footwear, bags, leather materials, paper and etc.
How to use :
1. Make sure the object surface is clean and dry before spraying.
2. Shake gently before using, spray it evenly (about 10-20cm away from the object). 
3. Dry it as usual under the sun (using the dryer is okay)
How long the water/dirt repellent effect will last?
- About 30-60 days for almost all sorts of shoes, clothes, textiles, suede leather and etc.
- About 60-90 days for umbrella/leather bags objects
Specification :
Contains : 250ml
Dimension : 20cm (H) x 5cm (diameter)
Weight: 230g
Cautions :
- Keep away from fire, heat or flammable sources, may cause explosion or burning
- Keep away from children

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