Cricket Lighter

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Klang Valley, West Malaysia
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East Malaysia (Sarawak / Sabah)

- Flamable Gas, Pressurized can/Spray, Knife, lighter are not allow in Coureir Service to East Malaysia. - Gas mudah terbakar, spray, pisau, pemetik api tidak dibenarkan dalam Perkhidmatan Kurier ke Malaysia Timur. - 易燃气体,加压罐/喷雾器,刀,打火机不允许快递服务发往东马来西亚。 Malaysia Most Demanding, Famous, Local Made Lighter. Product Detail - Leak Proof - Shock Proof (Drop to the floor) - Water Resistance (if sink into water, and take it out) - Made in Malaysia - Assorted Colour Product Price is per unit (harga satu lighter)

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