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Product introduction

SPRITZ by AquaPhura
· The component of the SPRITZ are certified by US NSF, FDA & Halal Status by Jakim Malaysia.
· Effective against 650 types of bacteria & viruses.
· Protect your skin from free radicals, wrinkles and age spots.
· SPRITZ releases an abundance of colloidal silver & converts ordinary water into alkali water with excellent moisturizing effect.
· Coated with an antibacterial coating agent produced using the latest nanotechnology from pure silver (Ag 99.99%) that kills bacteria effectively without alcohol.
· SPRITZ can be used anytime & anywhere.

· A multipurpose refillable spray for your health & beauty.
· Can be used to disinfect before & after going to the toilet.
· Spray on the face before & after makeup for effective moisturising & hydration.
· Can be sprayed in your throat before going to bed when you have a cold or sore throat.
· Suitable for atopic allergy & dry skin.

· Fill in only purified water.
· Do not fill in tap water (the Chlorine ingredient in tap water would shorten the lifespan of SPRITZ).
· Do not fill in other solutions.
· Product lifespan: approximately 12 months.

SPRITZ vs Tap & Bottled water
Let’s start by discussing exactly what makes the water in SPRITZ different from regular tap or bottled water.
The water in SPRITZ has a higher pH level than tap water. Specifically, any water that has a pH level over 7 is considered to be alkaline. From there, different sources of alkaline water can be classified by their specific pH levels.
SPRITZ is far less acidic than the water that comes out from your tap. And, the higher the pH level gets, the less acid you’re going to have. So, SPRITZ that has a pH level of 9 is going to pack a bigger punch than water that has a pH level of 8.
SPRITZ for your skin!!!
· Great moisturizer
The beads in SPRITZ breaks down the molecules in the water & makes the molecules smaller compared to regular tap water. This makes it easy for your body & skin to absorb all the goodness & benefits for effective hydration.
· Reduce the signs of aging
Those dark spots & wrinkles that stresses you out every time you look in the mirror are actually the result of the free radicals that destroy your cells. Anti-oxidants in the SPRITZ alcali water are ‘little tiny foot soldiers’ that are fighting a war against free radicals & neutralize their dangerous capabilities.
SPRITZ consists of high anti-oxidants far more than regular tap water. The molecule of alkali water has more hydrogen & antioxidants in it than a molecule of normal tap water. SPRITZ your face & other body parts that are prone to have spots to see the difference!

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